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DigitalGlobe, Inc: 
New identity +149 additional projects (so far)

In January 2013, DigitalGlobe and GeoEye, the two largest commercial satellite imaging companies in the world, combined. DigitalGlobe, was selected as the name, and LUCID was brought in to rebrand the company. The goal was to integrate graphic elements from both existing identities to help ensure that employees and customers understood that the senior leadership was going to truly fuse the two companies into one.

Project 1:

Create a new logo. The logo was designed to be a fusion of the companies’ previous logos.


Project 2:

Help employees & customers understand how the new logo was conceived…


We also wrote and produced a brief animation showing the logos fusing into the new one…


Projects 3 – 146, and counting…

Two years later, LUCID has delivered a huge range of projects for DigitalGlobe. They include the obvious (a corporate style guide), and the less expected (the nose cone of a rocket). The samples below are just the tip of the iceberg; the fully breadth of the work can only be seen from space.


Project 52: A multilayered iconography system

In total, LUCID developed over 200 icons for use in marketing, trade show displays, software applications, etc.


Project 54: Packaging for Digital Media Delivery

project #66: The nose cone of a rocket

LUCID was proud to watch live as our logo was propelled into outer space on the nose cone we designed.
The payload was WorldView-3, the highest resolution commercial imaging satellite in history.


project #100: An iPad® app

The app’s opening screen displays a randomly selected satellite image, which then carries through your exploration of the app...


project #138: A print campaign


LUCID interviewed the subjects, wrote the copy, photographed the subjects, and (of course) designed the print ads.


Project #50: A software application for searching DigitalGlobe’s imagery

Click to enlarge.


project #133: An intro video for a company division

DigitalGlobe asked LUCID to produce a slide-show style video, without voiceover, to illuminate the mission of the company’s ‘Seeing a better world’ program. We interviewed DG staff, wrote the script, developed a musical score, and produced this video.

Project #135: An employee recruiting microsite

We researched, conceived, wrote, designed, and built the website:
Launch: digitalglobe.com/careers

Project #113. An ad campaign for a new satellite 


LUCID interviewed DigitalGlobe technical staff to ensure clear comprehension of the newest satellites technical innovations.
We then wrote the copy and designed the ad.

Project #132: A PRODUCT LINE sub-brand for the Energy industry


Project #134: A microsite describing their quality program, named “A3C”.

We researched, conceived, wrote, designed, and built the website.
Launch http://www.a3cqualitypromise.com

This case study is still evolving.
Much more to come…